Adoption Information

Adopting a cat is a commitment for their entire life (18+ years) and Northwest Cat Rescue wants the best for each animal in our care. Our rescuers and foster caregivers put a lot of love and attention into the animals in their care and are alway's interested in their welfare. We believe our adoption fees are competitive and that our requirements are in the best interest of the cat/kitten. Once you adopt a cat from NW Cat Rescue our adoption councelors are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of the commitment to care for a cat-- it's entire life! So please, consider if a new pet is in the best interest of the entire family...carefully

**We do not adopt to anyone under the age of 25. Everyone must show photo ID.

Adoption Fees

What the adoption fee includes

Under 1 year: $135.00  

1 year to 7 years: $60.00

Senior: $35.00

**Cash Only**


Feline FIV/Leuk test

Feline distemper vaccine(s)


Flea treatment with Advantage II

Worm treatment

Earmite treatment if necessary

Spayed or Neutered

Free wellness exam (at participating Veterinarian Clinic's)

Don't adopt on impulse

NW Cat Rescue is glad to adopt cats/kittens into good homes, but we ask that you carefully consider your decision before you make it! Adopt smart!

Barn Cats

All barn cats are $10.00 each. They have been spayed or neutered!