****This is a COURTESY LISTING.  Please read info below for contact information, etc.****

This is Denny!  He is looking for a home to retire in.  Denny used to love at the Denny's Restaurant off I-5 and would greet all the customers!  Denny is a senior cat but he still knows how to have fun!  He loves to be with his people (once he bonds to them), likes playing with toys and going outside!  Denny's ideal home would give him lots of attention, have a peaceful environment and a secure outdoor space for him to be a cat!  Denny has developed a few health conditions because of aging.  He has moderate kidney disease and a moderate heart arrhythmia.  He also acquired FIV from living outdoors for over ten years.  He only became positive for FIV in the last few years.  His health is over all good for his age and he doesn't need meds at this time other than fiber in one of his meals in the day.  Denny truly is a treasure and really is deserving of a home, especially being a senior!  He is currently being fostered in Creswell Oregon.  If you are interested in adopting Denny please call (952) 797-3826.

Barn Cats

We still have barn cats that need their forever homes. They are better in pairs., except for Bobby. She likes to be alone. These are NOT indoor cats. They are also not friendly pets. They will run from people & hide. They need to be locked up with food, water, & a litter box for two weeks. This is so they can adjust to their new surroundings. After that they will still need food & water every day! They also need a safe, warm/cool place to go & sleep. If you are interested please contact us. Thank you.

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Our policies have had to change, due to COVID-19, we will not be able to hold Adoption Events. 

If you see an animal you are interested in please fill out our Adoption Application via email or mail. Once we receive it we will contact you.  

We do NOT accept or receive text messages. If you need to contact us please call during our hours of operation, or send a email.

Thank you.

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